The Vets for Elders Story

When the founder of Vets for Elders, Sarah Christ, was a young girl growing up in a small town in Maine, she joined a JROTC program in her high school that changed the course of her life forever.

Thanks to the mentoring of Colonel Benjamin Weiss from that program she decided to attend military college in Georgia. Through this and her subsequent decision to join the Army National Guard during college, she learned the essential values - discipline, rigor, a willingness to sacrifice, loyalty, and reliability.

More importantly, she learned another concept. She learned the term “Mission First”. To a soldier, your mission is your sense of purpose, your mission guides you.

Sarah completed the majority of her college education at North Georgia Military College between mobilizations with the Army National Guard due to 9/11 as well as Hurrican Katrina, etc. Sarah ended up accepting a position working in the Joint Operations Center at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, thus deciding to completed her education online. Sarah decided to separate from the military in 2008 to begin a family and from 2008-2016 constantly felt a desire to return. She finally took action and joined the CA Army National Guard September 2016. Today she is completing a mission at Guantanamo Bay while still working remotely for Vets for Elders. Sarah has worked in the for profit non-medical home care industry for several years. It would break her heart when she’d meet with elders and/or their families and she wouldn’t be able to provide services because they couldn’t afford it. She always had this nagging feeling of “are they any less deserving of the care they need?” Sarah, also through her involvement in the San Diego Veterans community realized that active duty soliders sometimes struggle to make ends meet; therefore, take part time work and also that unemployment is a big issue for transitioning veterans and military spouses are underemployed. While hiking Iron Mountain in Poway, she thought…why can’t I combine these demographics in a mutually beneficial way? Thus, Vets For Elders was born. Sarah saw the need to address the challenges of low-income elders who cannot afford non-medical support and the growing number of veterans and veteran spouses leaving the military and lacking a clear sense of purpose and employment.

Vets for Elders. A New Mission Has Begun.

Our Qualification Process

For Elders, Veterans, and Volunteers.


Step 1

Complete Online Form


Step 2

Interview with Vets for Elders


Step 3

Home Visit or In Person Interview


Step 4

Healthcare Advocacy Plan

Serving San Diego

Vets For Elders currently serves San Diego and surrounding areas.

Volunteering With Vets for Elders


If you are a Veteran, Military Service Member, Volunteer or looking for your next mission, please apply.


- Companionship
- Light Housekeeping
- Meal Preparation
- Laundry
- Shopping
- Accompany Elders

Eligibility Requirements

- Pass a background check
- Current TB test
- Provide copy of valid driver’s license or ID
- 21 years of age or older
- Must provide a minimum of two references
- Must be willing to abide by confidentiality and HIPPA regulations



Eligibility Requirements

- Age 60 and older
- Net Income under $2,500 monthly
- Cannot be residing in a licensed CA RCFE or Skilled Nursing Facility
- Reside in San Diego County


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