May 24, 2019

Looking for help in caring for your aging loved one? Try Vets for Elders!

Your 89-year old mother is in failing health and doesn’t have the resources for private care. She wants to stay in her own home but can’t care needs assistance in caring for herself. What can you do? A new solution for many elder care related problems. Vets for Elders offers many solutions that could help with the challenges of caring […]
May 23, 2019

These 4 Caregiver Traits Can Reduce the Risk of Elder Abuse

Are you challenged with hiring a caregiver to help with an older family member? It’s a big responsibility to care for someone you love. Often, families can’t manage the demands that essential caregiving requires. So, they look for professional assistance with daily tasks.
May 23, 2019

Isolation: Beware of this Form of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse occurs in many forms, with some types of abuse being more visible than others. If family members see bruises or unusual bank account activity, it’s easy to identify the possibility of abuse. On the other hand, elder isolation is a form of elder abuse that often goes unnoticed.
May 23, 2019

Whose Estate Is It? Yours!!

As a Private Trustee and Executor, I see all kinds of families, elders and situations. I’ve seen the benefits of planning ahead and the disasters of avoiding the topic (aging, death, incapacity, money, etc…).
May 23, 2019

Caregiver Decision Fatigue

Being a caregiver is not only physically exhausting, it can also be mentally challenging.  Staying on top of all the needs of someone you love and care for is daunting. Whether you are a new caregiver or a longtime supporter of a family member, it’s possible that you have experienced caregiver decision fatigue.
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